Kaanan International College Limited is a private company registered in the Republic of Kenya. It became a body corporate in 2009 and has been running consultancies since its inception. It is owned by a board of Directors but run through a board of management to broaden its skill and expertise level. Its operations and management are based on Christian principles and ethics.

Kaanan International College is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Its teachers are engaged in teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Kaanan International College Limited came into being in 2009 after studying the training needs in the Western part of Kenya. Its inception was in line with the spirit and objectives laid out in Kenya's vision 2030, Sessional paper no. 1 of 2005 and the Education Act 1968, all which emphasize the need for quality human resource development. This is clearly reflected in its culture: Act fast; keep things simple; think out of the box; unify people groups from diversified cultures; welcome the client inside the room and the client is always right.

To realize its broad objectives, Kaanan seeks consultancies, partnerships and linkages with both private and public sector organizations, at both national and International level for meaningful, honest and serious collaboration in a bid to expand its income, operations and experience. These kinds of collaboration and partnerships open up broader avenues of service.

The core functions of KIC are as follows:
  • Training of school leavers in key skill area in Kenya.
  • Implementation of various syllabi under KNEC Programs in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Development of relevant syllabi for skill development and training in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • To develop, administer and process examinations and award certificates, diploma to successful candidates through KNEC and other examination bodies like ICM.
  • Development and implementation of curricula in response to demands of the labor market.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial skill and culture within the KIC staff, students and parents through Kaanan Self Help group.
  • Undertaking of Income generating activities through production, consultancy, and tailor-made short courses, part-time courses, facility hiring and hospitality services to complement college/school fees revenue.
  • To conduct applied research and promote innovation.
  • To foster linkages with industry and other institutions for the promotion of quality and relevant training.