Opening of the Kaanan International College
Kaanan International College was established in September 2009 by a collaboration between its two Directors. This was as a result of their visionary idea of setting up a Christian college that would meet the demand for tertiary education in Kenya and offer quality education based on strong moral principles.

Inauguration of the College

Kaanan College was officially Inaugurated by the Right Reverend Bishop Mwai Abiero of the Anglican Church of Kenya in August 2010. At this event, the Bishop prayed for the college and laid the foundation stone.

Interim Registration Certificate

The College was granted an Interim Registration Certificate by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education in 2011, thereby allowing the institution to award certificates and Diplomas.

College first Graduation Ceremony

The College held its first graduation ceremony in 2011, where more than 100 students graduated with different certificates and diplomas. Since then the college has graduated many more students.

College Full Registration

In 2013 the college was officially registered as a private institution in the Republic of Kenya, through the Ministry of Education.

Kaanan Education Centre Launch

Kaanan Education Centre was launched in July 2015 in collaboration with stakeholders from the community and education fraternity. The first group of students was registered in January 2016. The Centre offers a Competency-Based Secondary Education programme in collaboration with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). The centre for the skills training under NITA is Kisumu Industrial Training Centre.