The overall purpose of learning information technology is to foster faster Economic Development in both public and private sectors within and outside the country.
The Computer systems and Applications packages (Microsoft office suite) is aimed at equipping the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to perform various tasks using a selected computer package(s). The packages are practical - oriented and the trainers are expected to emphasize on skill development. Each package is complete in itself. The trainee has the option to take one or more packages provided that this is stated at the time of registration. However, Introduction to Computers and Operating Systems is compulsory to all trainees and forms the pre-requisite for the other packages.

Kaanan International College offers information Technology courses at certificate and Diploma level depending on the applicants. Certificate level is intended for those who would wish to gain basic skills in information technology qualifying to work in dynamic ICT settings. With the current trend in technology and development, each and every sector requires Information Technology in order to keep up with the current global changes and challenges.

Course Learning Objectives
By the end of the information and communication Technology Course, trainees should be able to:
  • Apply basic skills in the safe use and care of a computer system.
  • Appreciate the impact of computer technology in Education and use a computer as a tool to enhance teaching and learning
  • Develop skills in the use of application packages
  • Acquire a firm base for further education and training
  • Acquire positive attitude and self-discipline towards ICT
  • Further their studies right from certificate, Diploma up to degree level.
  • Appreciate the role of computers in carrying out day-to-day business and organizational tasks.
  • Acquire skills in the use of information network surfaces
  • Use computer to process and manage information
  • Produce publications using computers
  • Carry out drawings and designs using computers.

Microsoft office suite

Course Duration: Duration: 3 Months
Entry Requirement: D plain & above
Examiner: KIC

Course structure
MS- Windows
Introduction to Computers

Certificate in Information Technology

Course Duration & Fees
Duration: 1 year per Module
Entry requirement: C – and above
Examiner: KNEC

Course Structure
Module I
Introduction to ICT
Computer Applications I (Theory & Practical)
Basic Electronics
Operating Systems
Entrepreneurship (Business Plan)
Communication Skills
Life Skills

Module II
Computer Maintenance & Support
Computer Application II (Theory & Practical)
Structured Programming
Course Specialization Project
Entrepreneurship (Business Plan)

Diploma in Information Technology Communication

Course Duration & Fees
Duration : 1 year per Module
Entry requirement : C – and above

Course Structure

Module 1

Introduction to ICT & ethics
Computer applications I (Theory & Practical)
Structured Programming
Communications Skills
Operating System
Computational Mathematics
Entrepreneurship (Business Plan)

Module 2
Systems Analysis & Design
Computer Application II (Theory & Practical)
Object-Oriented Programme
Quantitative Methods
Visual Programming
Database Management Systems
Quantitative Methods

Module 3

Data Communication & Networking
Management Information System
Principles & Practice of Management
Internet Based Programme
Course Specialization Project