The KIC Governing Council is composed of Board of Directors and the Board of Management. The Board of Governors reports directly to the Board of Directors who have the final vote. The Board of Governors, on the other hand, is composed of professionals from different disciplines to give the organization a professional reach. It has six Directors who are the shareholders Its Board of management, on the other hand, is composed of 15 members elected by the directors to represent the interest of the community, staff and students. Kaanan International College Limited has four affiliate organizations i.e. Kaanan international College, Kaanan Education Centre, Kaanan International Consultancy, and Kaanan Self Help Group. The 15 members of the Board of Governors are elected every five years taking into account the principle of equitable representation: 3 members representing the Consultancy; 6 members representing the college; 6 members representing the school and 3 members representing the self-help group. Each affiliate organization operates autonomously and independently with its own administrative governance.

The Kaanan International Consultancy is governed by its 3 Board of Managers together with a 5 member administrative Team: The Consultancy Manager, Education Advisor, Consultancy Advisor, Liaison officer and Senior Administrative Officer.

The Kaanan International College is managed by a Principal assisted by a Deputy Principal, Dean of Curriculum, Dean of Students, and Teaching Practice (Practicum) Director. The principal is further assisted by a team of students elected by students for the sake of student governance.

Kaanan Education Centre is managed by the same Principal and Deputy Principal-in-charge of the college assisted by the Dean of Studies and different Heads of Departments. It has its own students’ governing body headed by the head boy/girl.

Kaanan self-help group is a self-governing entity with a committee composed of the chairperson, treasurer and secretary.