Mass Communication

In training, all a student needs to cover is the distance between his reality and dreams. While journalists have always been indispensable to the world, the emergence of newer means of news gathering, packaging and broadcasting has given rise to more career opportunities in the field than ever before. However, students are required to be armed with requisite skills in order to curve a niche for themselves. As a leading media training college, Kaanan College understands this and directs its efforts towards modern training programs meeting the advanced needs of students as well as the dynamic industry expectations.
The Journalism and Mass communication department offers the following courses:

Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies

Duration: 1 ½ Years
Entry requirement: C – and above
Examiner: ICM

Course Structure

Semester 1Semester 4
Mass communication
Introduction to Journalism
Computer Fundamentals
Radio Production 1
Communication Skills
Sub Editing (ICM)
Online Journalism
Social Studies 1
Desktop Publishing
Advertising (ICM)
Semester 2Semester 5
Camera Operations & Lighting
English for Journalists
Radio Production 2
Broadcast Journalism (ICM)
Newspaper Reporting (ICM)
Translation Practices
Communication Research 1
Public Relations (ICM)
Social Studies 2
Journalism Ethics
Semester 3Semester 6
Media & Society
Media Law (ICM)
Freelance & Feature Writing (ICM)
Video Editing
Media Management
Investigative Reporting
Communication Research 2
Special Project