Vision, Mission & Values

Where Great Minds are learning


A Centre of Excellent Service in the Heart of Africa


An institution dedicated to teaching, character formation, economic empowerment and social involvement by preparing students for innovative and productive lives in service to God and humanity.


The Sky is but the Beginning


The institution shall operate and be governed through the following values:
1. Godliness and compassion: the fear and love of God shall guide and propel all our actions, behaviors' and conduct at all times, in all ways and in all places as we serve
2. Professionalism: we are committed to upholding all the morals and ethics of the teaching profession through competence and use of relevant skills.
3. Dynamic: we are passionate, confident and focused on the future.
4. Honesty and Integrity: we say what we do and do what we say.
5. Refreshing: we are brave and dare to do things differently.
6. Friendly: we are concerned; as a result take time to listen.
7. Straight forward: we are direct and easy to understand.
8. Equity and Patriotism: all men are equal and deserve to be treated with dignity irrespective of race, religion or ethnic background.
9. Environment friendly: all our services shall seek to preserve nature for the sake of posterity.